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Cleaning service using specialized products for fabrics such as premium leather, suede & nubuck


Protection services ranging from water and stain protection treatment to sole shield application.


All minor and major repair jobs offered for sneakers, other footwear, bags & leather accessories.

About us

LetUsKnow is a premium sneaker laundry. Our main service is cleaning & restoration of hype sneakers, shoes and handbags.

We also offer services for other footwear and leather accessories such as boots, belts & jackets.

At LetUsKnow we only use the finest techniques and products to provide a bespoke service for your high-grade collection.

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Our 7 Step Process For Spotless Shining Shoes!


Shoe material analysed to decide the cleaning methodology.


The laces, sole, and other removable parts are separated to be cleaned individually.

Make your bags beautiful again

Certified and Top Rated Professionals – High-Quality Cleaning Agents. Tough on Stains but Gentle for Shoe fabric – Separate Cleaning Technique based on Shoe Type and Fabric Service Available for Leather Shoes, Sports Shoes, Canvass Shoes, Suede Shoes, Nubuck Shoes, and Boots. All Shoes & Bags are cleaned with environment-friendly solvents, such as Oil-based hydrocarbons. State-of-the-art machinery is used to process the Shoes & Bags where they are treated with highly acclaimed and commercially used solvents.

Get your expensive shoes and bags from fashion brands like Louis Vutton, Gucci, Prada, Coach etc. rejuvenated and restored with Letusknow. We are India’s go to brand for dry cleaning, laundry and repair of sports, canvas, leather, suede, and nubuck shoes, as well as for sneakers, boots, and sandals. Shoe whitening service also available. We also hold expertise in dry cleaning and repair of canvas, jute, leather, and suede bags.

5 Step Process Making Us The Best Shoe and Bag Dry Cleaners In Delhi:
  1. Selection of chemicals and process based on shoe and bag fabric

  2. Treatment with organic cleanser to clean the fabric of shoe and bag

  3. Spotless cleaning of laces, straps, insoles, inner linings and inner pockets of shoe and bag

  4. Conditioning with Mink & Lanolin oil to rejuvenate the shoe and bag fabric to increase its life

  5. Sanitization of shoe and bag with our special German deodorizers

Shoe and Bag Repair & Restoration Services
  1. Sole pasting

  2. Inner sole replacement

  3. Damaged collar replacement

  4. Inner lining replacement

  5. Heel replacement

  6. Sole replacement

  7. Re coloring

  8. Laces replacement

  9. Strap replacement

  10. Zip replacement

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  • Phone: +91 8595995535
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